Conservatives under attack: Violations of human rights and the prerogatives of journalists by the Supreme Court in Brazil

By order of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil, the Federal Police of Brazil today (27) fulfilled several search and seizure warrants at the home of Brazilian journalists, digital influencers and conservative politicians.

The court decision seeks to impose censorship on the opinion of conservatives and supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro on social networks. 29 search and seizure warrants were carried out, including several journalists, which seriously undermines press freedom, the secrecy of journalistic work and compromises sources.

Another authority that denounces the authoritarianism of the Brazilian Judiciary is federal prosecutor Thaméa Danelon. In her social network, the prosecutor defends that the investigation violates the accusatory system, since the judge cannot investigate, the task of criminal persecution being the sole responsibility of the police and the Public Ministry. The prosecutor also recalls that the investigation lacks objective facts to justify it since the notion of fake news is not even typified in the Penal Code.

The Federal Constitution, in turn, is clear to establish that there is no crime unless specified by law. Also, the lawyers of the people targeted by the actions resulting from the investigation do not have access to the investigation files.

This set of abbreviations shows that Alexandre de Moraes’ action lacks any constitutional basis, and is shown only in militant attack to the freedom of expression and in a form and political persecution of conservatives and supporters of President Bolsonaro.

3 thoughts on “Conservatives under attack: Violations of human rights and the prerogatives of journalists by the Supreme Court in Brazil

  1. Enviei esse artigo para o email da ONU – Direitos Humanos. Espero que algo seja feito, nem que seja uma nota de repúdio ao STF.

  2. Prezado amigo e de mais patriotas como voce que o nosso Brasil precisa, parabens.

  3. Material muito bem redigido e sucinto. Não houve viés políticos, apenas a divulgação dos fatos.
    Um juiz não pode solicitar, conduzir, prender, julgar e sentenciar ao mesmo tempo. E somente conservadores.
    Esse Excelentíssimo juiz tem muita historia.

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